1. Cut an inch wide strip off of the shortest side of your sheet of fabric. (You may have to cut your fabric into an even rectangle if using a t-shirt, or other odd shaped fabric)

3. Fold and glue down the top and bottom edges of your large piece of fabric. If you are using fabric with designs on only one side, make sure you glue with the designed side facing out

Moriah Elizabeth DIY Crafts


  1. Fabric

  2. Scissors

  3. Hot glue gun

  4. Glue sticks

  5. Chip clip

  6. (Optional) rhinestones or any decorations you want to glue on

2. Set your inch wide strip off to the side, and cut the remainder of your fabric in half.

4. Fold and glue the sides of your fabric so that they meet in the center of your rectangle

5. Flip the fabric over and with your fingers, make a pinch in the center

6. Gather the fabric above & below your pinch so that the middle is tighter together with the side of the fabric flared out. 

7. Clip your pinches together to temporarily hold their shape in place

9. Unclip your bow, and in place of the clip, place and glue your strip of folded fabric around its middle

8. Take the strip you cut off in step 1, & glue down its edges so that you are left with a skinny strip of fabric material. (make sure your designed side is out)

10. Trim off the excess of your strip you wrapped around your bow

11. You now have a finished bow!

12. (Optional) glue on rhinestones or other decorations to finish your bow