DIY GUMMY BEAR keychains & Pins

BONUS! What to do with leftover gummy bears

Moriah Elizabeth DIY Crafts


  1. Needle

  2. Candle lighter

  3. Eye pin

  4. Cell phone strap/other method of securing on keychain through eye pin

1. Heat up your needle with your candle lighter

DIY Gummy Bear Keychains & Pins Moriah Elizabeth instructions

2. Stick your heated needle through the top of the gummy bear’s head to create a pilot hole

3. Place an eye-pin in the hole created by the needle

4. Attach your gummy bear to your cell phone strap, or other method you are using to put it on a keychain to finish



  1. Hot glue

  2. Pin

1. Place a dot of hot glue on the back of a gummy bear

2. Secure pin onto hot glue to finish your gummy bear pin