DIY GUMMY BEAR keychains & Pins

BONUS! What to do with leftover gummy bears

Moriah Elizabeth DIY Crafts


  1. Needle

  2. Candle lighter

  3. Eye pin

  4. Cell phone strap/other method of securing on keychain through eye pin

1. Heat up your needle with your candle lighter

2. Stick your heated needle through the top of the gummy bear’s head to create a pilot hole

3. Place an eye-pin in the hole created by the needle

4. Attach your gummy bear to your cell phone strap, or other method you are using to put it on a keychain to finish



  1. Hot glue

  2. Pin

1. Place a dot of hot glue on the back of a gummy bear

2. Secure pin onto hot glue to finish your gummy bear pin

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