1. Mix clay to get your desired shade

DIY Clay Cat Eraser Moriah Elizabeth instructions

3. Cut out two (2) triangles to make into ears

Moriah Elizabeth DIY Crafts


  1. Creatibles Eraser Kit

  2. Exacto Knife

  3. Toothpick

  4. Acrylic paint

  5. Metallic sharpie

2. Shape your clay into the desired shape for your cat's head & push it evenly on the back of the pencil

4. Attach the ears you cut off onto the top of your cat's head

5. Use a toothpick to smooth out the seams on your cat's ears

7. Roll four (4) small strings of clay to put whiskers on the cat

9. Finish your cat's face by placing two (2) small balls of clay on the eyes

11. Bake your cat eraser on a cookie sheet at 250 degrees for 25 minutes

13. Color the metal end of the pencil with your metallic sharpie

6. Cut out another triangle for the cat's nose & place it on the bottom half of the face

8. Make two (2) white ovals for the eyes of the cat

10. Finish your cat by accessorizing it with something like a bow

12. Use your acrylic paint to paint your pencil

14. Slide your clay eraser onto your pencil to finish