Moriah Elizabeth DIY Crafts


  1. Bowl

  2. Parchment paper

  3. Silicon gummy bear molds

  4. Spray paint (for plastic) or nail polish

  5. Hot glue gun

  6. Hot glue (around 50 or more large sticks

1. Beginning filling your gummy bear mold with hot glue. Make sure to stick nozzle of the glue gun deep into the mold in order to get the full detail of the mold to appear on the gummy bear

DIY Hot Glue Gummy Bear Bowl Moriah Elizabeth instructions

2. Allow the gummy bears to fully dry in the mold

3. Remove your hot glue gummy bears from their mold

4. Paint your gummy bears with either your spray paint, or nail polish

5. Cover your bowl in parchment paper in order to keep it from contacting the hot glue

7. Glue them in place to each other, maintaining the shape of the bowl’s base

9. Begin forming the bottom row of the bowl by applying a dot of glue to the back of a gummy bear’s head, and gluing it to the outside of the ring you creating along the bowl’s base. Continue doing this until the entire bottom layer is closed

11. Glue your next layer of gummy bears side first (the same way you glued them in the last step) to the last layer, and continue doing this until you reach the desired height of your bowl

6. Place some gummy bears in a closed circle around the base of the bowl

8. Place gummy bears snuggly inside the ring you created around the bottom of the bowl and glue them together. Fill as much space inside the ring as you can

10. Form the bowl’s next layer by gluing the gummy bears side-first to the feet of the gummy bears in the last layer (you may have to cut off portions of your gummy bears in order to get the layer to completely close

12. After reaching the desired height, carefully remove your gummy bear bowl off of the parchment paper covered bowl

13. After removing the bowl from the parchment paper, you may have to go back and glue and fragile, or weak spots in the bowl in order to make it more durable